Littered on the bottom of the Great Lakes are the remains of more than 6,000 shipwrecks gone missing on the Great Lakes since the late 1600s when the first commercial sailing ships began plying the region, most during the heyday of commercial shipping in the nineteenth century. The vast expanse of these inland waterways provided a natural transportation system linking the Midwestern states and portions of Canada to the rest of the world.

CLICK HERE for a menu of maritime losses in the southeast quadrant of Lake Michigan. (more…)

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MSRA operates a virtual museum sharing in “on-line format” some of the many exhibits produced based on the work of MSRA. These exhibits began as temporary displays at local and regional museums and have been relocated to this virtual site at or near the end of their museum run, so that the information is not lost and can continue to be used and enjoyed. If you were unable to see the exhibits in person, here’s your chance.

MSRA also maintains a collection of donated or purchased shipwreck artifacts, ephemera, and images that can be seen (more…)

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Join us for a MSRA one-night only, special event!

Come hear from the only living survivor of the sinking of the Carl D. Bradley on Lake Michigan in 1958. Frank Mays, who now lives in Florida, is coming back to Michigan for a one-night special event! This special evening is FREE for MSRA members! However, you MUST reserve your spot in this 150 seat auditorium now. You also may purchase tickets for friends when you reserve your free tickets. CLICK HERE.

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